Death Star Diner

The idea for this blog was born in late December as my husband and I found ourselves wandering Disney Springs and soaking up all of its holiday splendor.

We walked past the old Planet Hollywood in Town Center, barricaded and clearly undergoing refurbishment. “What’s this going to be now?” my husband inquired.

“It’s going to be a Planet Hollywood,” I deadpanned, pointing out the obvious signage indicating the restaurant would be re-opening soon.



Image borrowed from the Disney Parks Blog


“Hmm,” he mused. “Didn’t they go bankrupt?”

As a matter of fact, Planet Hollywood has gone bankrupt. Twice. But somehow, it continues to march on, serving fancy cocktails and burgers to patrons looking to chow down while surrounded by iconic movie memorabilia.

While I admired Planet Hollywood’s resilience, I wondered why Disney wouldn’t take advantage of the building’s unique architecture to introduce a restaurant from one of the company’s more successful franchises: Star Wars.

Planet Hollywood would make a perfect Death Star! If Disney can transform Spaceship Earth into the Death Star for a day (as they did recently to celebrate the theatrical release of Rogue One), they could certainly do the same for this spherical building.



Spaceship Earth as the Death Star. Image borrowed from the Orlando Sentinel.


Think of the menu possibilities. You could order the blue milk Luke Skywalker drinks. Princess Leia could stop by for photo ops, just like they do when dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom. (As this is the Death Star, she would likely need to be accompanied by Storm Troopers). The force is strong with this restaurant concept.

I shared my idea with my husband, and we continued to banter about fun ways the Death Star Diner could immerse its patrons in the Star Wars experience for the rest of the evening. On our drive home, it occurred to me that I’ve often had moments while wandering Disney Parks where I say “This is awesome, but wouldn’t it be really cool if [insert random ideas here]?”

So I started this blog where I could share all of those random ideas. My goal is to provide one new idea that could add to the Walt Disney Company’s bottom line every day… until they decide to put me on the payroll.

And for those naysayers out there that think this sounds like a lot of work for something that isn’t guaranteed… I find your lack of faith disturbing.


2 thoughts on “Death Star Diner

  1. This should have been the first idea they had after buying the star wars property. Just imagine, Greedo could come sit at the table with you (and he would not shoot first).


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