Storyteller’s Retreat

There are a lot of aspiring professional writers out there. Just search through “Meetup,” I guarantee you’ll find a writer’s club somewhere near you.

Tell me, fellow aspiring writers – what would you give to have some guidance from the best storytellers out there?

Disney is perfectly situated to host an annual writer’s conference each year – a “Storyteller’s Retreat” as I call it.  Now, this is not to be confused with the “Disney Channel Storytellers” Progam, which is a paid incubator program reserved for four professional writers. The Retreat is meant to be open to any who wish to participate.

I don’t believe a ton of work needs to go into building the Retreat. If the powers-that-be at Disney need some help, I’ve created the following checklist:

  • Pick a weekend that isn’t already reserved for a runDisney event. Check out this website to make sure you aren’t competing with other writing conferences. Or go ahead and compete. I know *I* would always pick Disney over anything else.
  • Reserve a block of rooms for guests at the Disneyland Hotel for that weekend. Anticipate that some individuals will choose to stay at other Anaheim hotels, and that’s just fine.
  • Schedule some of your talented team members to teach workshops on hooking a reader, narrowing down a theme, developing characters, etc. Be sure to leave in some time for writers to network with each other. And, of course, some down time for your guests to actually write!
  • Have Remy create the menu for the weekend.
Future site of the

Future site of the “Storyteller’s Retreat.” Image borrowed from Disney’s website.


And you’re done! Just think… not only will you derive revenue from conference/hotel/park fees (because who is going to go to Disneyland and NOT go to the parks? That’s just silly)… but also you’ll get to potentially meet new, talented writers to bring on to the team.

I happen to know a talented marketer that can build and promote this for you, BTW. (Hint: It’s me.)


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