MagicBand Upgrade

I acknowledge that this probably isn’t an original idea, but I think of it every time I have to pull out my credit card to pay for something at Disney Parks. Which is a lot, especially during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. (Squee! It’s starting earlier this year!)

Why can’t I just have my credit card number tied to my MagicBand?



This is a MagicBand. I wear this on my wrist and it gets me into Disney World. It also handles my FastPass info and is, in fact, magic.


I know that if you are staying at one of the Disney resorts, you can “pay” with your MagicBand. Your purchases are automatically billed to your room, no cash or credit needed while you enjoy your day at Disney World. Seems like a logical next step for those of us who aren’t staying on Disney property that we should be able to pay quickly and easily too!

I understand some might be uncomfortable with this (#identitytheft), but keep in mind that Disney already has a way of tying your identity to your band; Disney takes your fingerprint when you enter the parks for the first time with your band. Why not require the same fingerprint when you go to make a purchase with your band? Besides,  I’m not suggesting that loading a credit card be a required component of owning a MagicBand; it should just be a convenient extra feature.



You can further secure your MagicBand by having your name (or your secret Star Wars name) printed on the inside.


The cost of implementing the hardware and software at each Disney merchant is probably a major reason this doesn’t exist yet. Still, how quickly do you think Disney would see returns on their investment? By making it easier and faster to spend money in the parks, they are eliminating that extra few seconds your subconscious has to ask “Do you really need to buy this?” while you are pulling out your wallet.

While they are at it, they need to bring MagicBands to Disneyland too.



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