MagicBands Part III

I promise not all of my ideas are about MagicBands. But you know how brainstorming works sometimes – you get on a Shinkansen high-speed train of thought and there’s no stopping it!

Before I jump into the new MagicBand idea, I’d like to share that I’m currently on hold with Disney Cruise Line. And man, do I love the “hold” music; it appears to all be songs we know from classic Disney movies. Bravo, Disney – you are the only company I know of that can make sitting on hold an enjoyable experience. There might be some days I call and ask the representatives to just leave me on hold so that I can listen to “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin for a while.


Back to MagicBands. As a Disney Annual Passholder, there are some perks granted to me (like 20% off merch and 10% off food at certain restaurants). When I first became a Passholder, I forgot about some of the perks when making purchases. You know how it is when you get caught up in the moment buying a new pair of Mickey ears, right? There was nobody to blame but me, but I wish that the Disney cast member making the sale had inquired as to whether I was a Passholder before completing the transaction.

This got me thinking… what if all you had to do was scan your MagicBand at any of the Disney shops or restaurants before settling your bill, and any discounts you had available to you would automatically be applied? Annual Passholders, Disney Vacation Club members, and Tables in Wonderland members would find this to be a really convenient feature of the MagicBand.

There might be other groups that receive perks that I don’t know about. If you know of any other groups that should be included in this MagicBand discounts idea, leave a comment and let me know!


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