Subliminal Advertising

I happened to be tuned to ESPN when this idea occurred to me, although I wished the circumstances were different (I was watching my Penn State Nittany Lions lose the Rose Bowl at the last possible second. Yes, I’m still distraught over it, thanks for asking).

I had been to the last two bowl games that PSU appeared in – the Pinstripe Bowl in 2014 and the TaxSlayer Bowl in 2016 – because I was fortunate enough to live within driving distance of the stadiums. If you were watching either of these games, perhaps you would have seen me:

Alright, it likely wasn’t me that ESPN was looking for. Maybe it was the handsome guy in the #3 jersey next to me (shout out to my husband). But methinks it was the giant Penn State Nittany Lion head I had in my hands that caught the camera operator’s attention:

I was sad to not make national television for a third year in a row. I offered to ship the giant cardboard head to a friend that was going to be at the Rose Bowl game, but she declined my offer.

It did get the wheels turning, though. These giant cardboard heads look great on TV, amiright? And I think anybody could easily be persuaded to hold a giant piece of cardboard if it meant they’d be on TV for a few seconds.

So here’s the idea, Disney: get yourself some free advertising on your own network! Find somebody who is sitting in a seat down near the field/court/rink and ask them to hold a giant Mickey head. Make sure the person you ask isn’t going to be obstructing someone else’s view, because that’s not a very Disney-esque thing to do.

So what should this Mickey head look like? Keep it simple. I suggest something like the classic three circle version:


Then, maybe add team logos in it somewhere, so it doesn’t look too out of place at the event it’s showing up at. I found the following Penn State Mickey head on Etsy to give you an example:



This is an iron-on decal available for $3.50! I might need to own this shirt now.

Voila. Now people are going to associate their favorite team with Mickey and immediately look up Disney vacation packages, or the next Disney movie that’s coming out, or pop into their nearest Disney store.

Nothing wrong with a little subliminal messaging, right?

Sports fans, I’d like to hear from you. Would you be willing to hold up a cardboard Mickey head if it meant you’d get your 15 seconds of fame on ESPN?


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