Red Leader, Standing By

This idea comes courtesy of my first reader submission! That reader happens to be my husband, but it still counts.

Ben introduced me to Star Wars, so I can’t begrudge him the title of biggest Star Wars fan in the family. Still, I hold my own when it comes to being a Jedi wannabe. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (California Adventure), we found a photo booth that can put your face on a Star Wars character:


Don’t we make a perfect Obi-Wan and Padmé? This became our 2006 Christmas card: May the Force be with you this holiday season.

You can still find these photo booths at any of the Disney Parks, but Ben suggested they should take it one step further: Disney should offer you the chance to be in an actual Star Wars movie clip!

And we know the perfect clip:

Disney would just need to maintain a few pilot helmets of varying sizes in order to make this work, and let a family of up to four participate. What Star Wars-loving Gen X parent would skip the opportunity to share video of their little cherub saying “Red Twenty-Seven, standing by” in such an iconic clip? More importantly – what would a Star Wars-loving parent pay for that opportunity?

Heck, I don’t have any kids and I would pay top dollar to do this myself!


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