Eat Like Spot

Dining at Disney World… just thinking about it makes me drool. There are so many food options, and all of them are good. With 5 James Beard Award-winning chefs among the cast, you know you are in for a most awesome culinary experience when you dine with the Mouse.

Disney makes it very easy to get a reservation anywhere you want via the Disney Parks mobile app, although you do have to plan well in advance for some of the more popular restaurants. Within the app itself, you can note any dietary restrictions or allergies, and Disney takes the utmost care in ensuring your needs are met.

Now, health is important to me and I subscribe to a paleo diet because I believe that is the right way to eat for me. This means no grains, gluten, dairy, or soy as much as possible. But I’m not allergic to any of these items, and I hate to think that the hard-working Disney chefs have to make a fuss over my meal.

I know I’m not alone. “Paleo” has been one of the most Googled diets over the last three years. So I wonder how many people head to Disney and feel sheepish when a hard-working chef has to leave the kitchen to come talk to them about their dietary restrictions?

Solution: Build a restaurant that caters to this group! Call it “Spot’s Stop,” named after the adorable little cave dude in “The Good Dinosaur” movie:

Movie review: 'The Good Dinosaur' will entrance kids and parents alike

The menu would feature grass-fed/free-range/organic meats, fresh vegetables sauteed in healthy fats, and paleo desserts sweetened with dates, bananas, and coconut. A restaurant like this would, of course, be in the $$$ range, but I wouldn’t think twice about grabbing the check for my family, knowing they were dining in a way I deem to be healthy.

SO what do you think? Would you go to Spot’s Stop?


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