Disney Bound

Fashion. If I were to rate my fashion expertise on a scale from 1-10 (10 being Cruella de Vil’s stop-at-nothing attitude to look good, 1 being Ariel’s “I’ll just wear this beach garbage” outfit after trading in her fins for legs ), I’d estimate I’m about a -33.



Yes, this would be an improvement for me.

When it comes to dressing up for a day at Disney World, my go-to outfit is the first runDisney t-shirt I grab out of my drawer (I have racked up a few of these over the years) and a pair of yoga pants. I did athleisure well before it was trendy, folks. I just like being comfortable.

But there’s this new thing happening in the world of fashion that has caught my interest called “DisneyBound.” Those who participate take inspiration from their favorite Disney character(s) in choosing their daily wardrobe. See it in action here on the latest Disney Style blog.

Disney does not allow adults to wear costumes or masks in the parks, so this is an awesome way to get in on the fun of playing dress-up for those over the age of 12. But you don’t have to reserve DisneyBound solely for a day at the parks; some pieces are subtle enough that you could certainly wear them to work, Sunday brunch with friends, or afternoon tea, if you are an afternoon-tea kind of person.

If Disney would like to capitalize on this, I would suggest hiring a DisneyBound expert to take small groups of fashion-backwards individuals like me on a DisneyBound tour of Disney Springs. This person would be acting as the group’s personal shopper for the day, taking everyone to different stores and helping them put together ensembles based on their favorite characters. Group sizes would have to be small (no more than five) to make this work.

What I’m not sure about is whether this tour should be offered for a nominal charge. I’d like to think this could be offered for free, as sales from the various Disney Springs shops might make up for the added costs in personnel. Gratuity for the shopper would be highly encouraged. But this idea would need some additional market research to do the cost/benefit analysis.

So let me help Disney out with that. Readers, tell me – would you be willing to pay for help putting together your own DisneyBound outfit?



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