Disney Home Decorators

I’ve got vacation-brain right now. You know, that thing that happens the day before you take your long-anticipated second honeymoon on board Disney Cruise Line and can only think about your upcoming “Star Wars Day at Sea” and you can hardly contain your excitement? That thing?

I know that – in one week’s time – the euphoria I am feeling right now will be slowly seeping out of me with each passing minute as I dread the end of what’s surely going to be an amazing vacation. Ah well. Such is the sadness of returning home from a Disney vacay.

But what if returning home after a Disney vacation felt just like you hadn’t left Disney at all?

Wouldn’t you like to relax after a busy day at work by reading in a comfortable nook like this one at Disney’s Beach Club?

This photo of Disney’s Beach Club Resort is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Or how about enjoying a family dinner in a dining room like Remy’s that made you feel like you were back aboard the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy?


Thank you to Disney Food Blog for this gorgeous photo.

I think I might shed one tear fewer at the end of each Disney trip knowing I’d be going back to my Disney-esque home.

I would love to add some of these Disney touches to my own house, but I’m afraid my eye for design is a bit blind. (This is probably one of the reasons I can hardly dress myself and would love the services of a DisneyBound personal shopper.) And it’s not like you can just go to Ikea and pick up a Remy booth like you see above. (Note that Ethan Allen recently introduced a Disney line of furniture, but options are a bit limited right now.)

I would love to see Disney offer a new home decorating service that can help you “Disney-ify” your dwelling. Packaged deals for this service could start with helping you design just one room in your home to turning your humble abode into Cinderella’s castle. Services would begin with an initial web-based consultation to discuss budget and preferences, and would close with the delivery of a 3-D rendering of the room(s) you wish to overhaul and recommendations as to where to find any furniture, paint, and artwork you need. This could put further dollars into Disney businesses, as Disney sells all of the items mentioned above, even Disney-branded paint offered by Glidden.

I’d totally be excited for a home-renovation project that involved Disney, wouldn’t you? And I know the perfect person to market such a service. (Hint: It’s me. Hire me, Disney!)

Things will be quiet here on the blog for the next week while I am away, but don’t worry – I’ve got plenty of Disney ideas ready to go for when I return on February 6th.


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