Now that I have your attention…

No, seriously, Bacon is so hot right now, I need to give it an upper-case B. If you brand anything Bacon right now, it will be an instant hit.



I found this very sweet and sincere photo frame at Kohl’s.

My husband paid good money two weeks ago to attend the St. Pete Beer and Bacon Festival, which -in my opinion – would have sold even more tickets had it been called the “Bacon and Beer Festival.” The marketing team just was not on top of their game. I currently am figuring out how to work Bacon into my day job getting people to prepare for retirement. I remember the oldest lady in the world* at age 116 credited her longevity to Bacon.

Disney Springs is perfectly situated to capitalize on America’s love affair with Bacon. You’ll find all kinds of specialty shops there, from gourmet chocolates to a pretty awesome millinery shop where you could drop 500 bones on a hat if you so wish. A Baconry¬†would fit in quite well there, wouldn’t you think?

The possibilities for merch are endless for a bacon-themed store. Turkey bacon. Sugar-free bacon. Maple bacon. Chocolate-covered bacon. Bacon bits. Bacon-flavored seasoning. Bacon paraphernalia, like the photo frame above.

For those who think my predilection towards Paleo may be clouding my judgment, my Baconry would totally include a separate vegan bacon section. I’m not leaving anybody out here.

You may be wondering what my marketing plan for such a shop might be, but then I fear you are missing the point. Bacon really markets itself. If you still disagree, just think of the smells that would be coming out of that store as you walked past. Could you resist going inside and checking it out? Didn’t think so.

* I understand that Ms. Jones has passed away since revealing her secret to a long, happy life. Unfortunately, the “world’s oldest person” is not a title one holds for very long.


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