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I’ve already got three posts on how to upgrade MagicBands. I want to be able to:

So it might feel a little bit counterproductive for me to suggest that Disney should do away with MagicBands altogether. But only for a subset of the Disney population: Apple Watch users.

When it comes to smartwatches, I decided to go the Garmin route, but only because it had more features that are important to me as a runner. I tried the 1st Gen Apple Watch for a while, but found it couldn’t track the things I needed it to when on my daily jog and returned it after two short weeks of testing it out.

Still, I understand it is a life-changing piece of technology for many Apple users, and does have a certain appeal to Disney geeks like me.



Smart marketing on Apple’s part to offer a Mickey Mouse watch face. Image courtesy of the Disney Fashionista blog.

Apple watch puts the technology of your iPhone apps right on your wrist. And if you have ever used your Disney World or Disneyland iPhone app, you understand there’s quite a bit that can be done with this technology: purchase tickets, make reservations, plan your FastPass+ attractions (Disney World only) and more.

Now I’m not a software developer, but I think it wouldn’t be that hard to port the technology from your phone app to your smartwatch. So why do Apple Watch users even have to bother with MagicBands?

Hardware might be a different story, though. Because of the investment needed to update the parks to be able to scan your watch, Disney may be better served waiting for smartwatches to be as ubiquitous as smartphones. Their hardware would need to work across different brands in order to be worth the investment, thus enabling people like me who are Garmin users to also ditch our MagicBands.

Still, we do know the future is moving in that direction, and it would behoove Disney to start working on that now!

Smartwatch users, what do you say? Would you like to ditch your MagicBand in favor of your watch?



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