Animator’s Weekend

When I put pen to paper, my creativity flows in the form of words. This is why the thought of a Storyteller’s Retreat at Disney appeals so much to me – I want to learn how to write from the best!

If such a conference hosted by Disney were to take off, it would seem that the next logical progression would be to offer something similar to those who find a calling to the visual arts.



Don’t worry, aspiring animators. I’ve got you in mind too.

I’m proposing the same concept here as I did for the Storyteller’s Retreat – a weekend filled with hands-on workshops, networking, and creative inspiration – only this one is geared towards those who wish to grow their animation skills. Experts in digital, watercolor, and stop motion could give lectures. Pixar could provide a demo of RenderMan, their proprietary digital animation software.Social time could be held around watching some of the Disney shorts that were innovations in animation – think Luxo Jr. and Paperman.

Although I’d like to send some of this conference love to my home state of Florida and drive animators to Disney World, the Animator’s Weekend would definitely need to be held in Anaheim, just like Storyteller’s Weekend. It only makes sense for Southern California to play host since Disney Animation Studios is located in Burbank.

If you’ve got any talent when it comes to drawing or animation, I’d love to hear from you. Would you attend Animator’s Weekend at Disneyland?



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