Disney Cruise Line App Part 2

Has it really been two weeks since I was aboard the Disney Fantasy celebrating my 5th anniversary? Ah, the happiness imbued during my Disney Cruise continues to seep out with each passing minute. I’m going to try to rekindle that happy spark by jotting more cruise ideas down here. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get to live aboard as a DCL crew member! I know that would be a very different experience from being a passenger, but I’d love to be a part of making someone else’s experience as awesome as mine have been.

I started thinking about how I need to schedule something to look forward to in the coming weeks so that I don’t have to be so depressed about being off the ship. I do occasionally indulge in having a massage every once in a while, and am very grateful that Groupon and Living Social offer deals that make it affordable for me to do so.

Whereas I like to save massage as a treat for when I am at home, I know others like to take advantage of the services of Senses Spa and Salon while onboard the Disney ships.




This week, I’m going to embellish my DCL navigator app idea in which I suggested that the app should enable passengers to order room service – why not allow passengers to book their spa and salon treatments through the app as well?

As I mentioned in last week’s DCL app idea, I know a lot of programming effort would be needed in order to be able to place orders – and room service is not going to be a revenue-generating feature for DCL (although I do believe it would allow the crew to be more efficient). BUT programming the ability for passengers to impulsively select spa services certainly would add to the bottom line.

So what do you think, DCL? Perhaps some funds can be found after all for developing this feature?


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