Whitewater Donald

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. And happy half-birthday to Daisy:


The inspiration for today’s idea comes from the 1:42 mark of this video clip where Daisy is getting a foot rub from Donald:


Or maybe I just have massage on the brain per yesterday’s blog post. I’m hoping my husband is taking note if he has not yet picked up a Valetine’s Day gift for me.

Disney Parks should offer chair massage. For a fee, of course. And for those 18 and over only.

We all know a day at Disney World wracks up 10,000+ steps on the trusty pedometer well before noon hits. And Moms and Dads out there, wouldn’t you happily skip standing 60+ minutes in line for Splash Mountain in favor of getting an energizing back rub that would have you rejuvenated for the rest of your day at the park? Just let the kiddos ride one by themselves so they can add “that time the parental units actually let me do something alone” to their memory bank while you go and Treat Yo Self.

Disney might need a lot of chairs, though. I’m thinking that “Chair Massage” would run out of Fast Passes pretty quickly.


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