I have neglected to mention I haven’t been feeling well over the last week. Congestion, cough, sneezing, headache, sore throat, exhaustion – obviously, some kind of bug caught a hold of me.

Maybe it’s “sea sickness.” I do miss that Disney Cruise.

I absolutely do NOT believe I picked this up while aboard the Disney Fantasy, mind you. This hit me well after returning home. DCL does an awesome job keeping everything spit-spotless and germ-free.

Unfortunately, my favorite way to stay sanitized on board the ship isn’t available to adults throughout the voyage. Doesn’t everyone have a favorite way to stay sanitized? No? Well, you do if you’ve seen the automatic handwashing machine in the Oceaneer Lab, which is one of the kids’ clubs on board the ship.

If you aren’t a kid or traveling with one, you aren’t lucky enough to partake in this experience whenever you feel the urge. Only when Disney runs Open Houses in the Oceaneer Lab can anybody drop in regardless of age.

And drop in during Open Houses I do. These machines provide a soothing, enjoyable handwashing experience. I did not take any video myself while I used them, but I found this video on YouTube that conveys the right amount of enthusiasm I have for these machines. Well done, young narrator.

So, Disney, my idea is this – put these machines EVERYWHERE. Throughout the cruise, not just in the kids’ clubs. In the parks. In your hotels.

And here’s how you can fund it: sell these to me. Well, not just to me, but anybody who wants one in their home or office. I’ll take two. Especially if it means warding off germs in the future, because this stupid cold I have is the pits.


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