Wave Phones

I’m not sure how much Disney Cruise Line needs to pay to keep the “Wave Phones” in service among their four ships, but I can’t imagine it’s cheap.

If you have not taken a Disney Cruise (or read my previous post about the Disney Cruise Line app), the Wave Phone is a cell phone provided by DCL that only works on board the ship. Each stateroom is provided with two Wave Phones, and it makes staying in touch with your friends and family on board a cinch. Here’s a demo of the Wave Phone I found on YouTube:

But with one small enhancement to the DCL Navigator App, the Wave Phones would be rendered obsolete – just add the ability to voice chat!

The DCL Navigator App already enables text chatting (although at the time of my last cruise in January, it did not appear that the voice-to-text feature of my iPhone worked with the App… something else that could be enhanced in the app, for sure).

If I could call my fellow passengers using my own phone, then there’d be no reason to continue offering the Wave Phone service, and DCL might be able to save a bundle!


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