The Good Stuff

I’ve gushed on and on about Disney Cruise Line. I’m not on the payroll (although clearly, I want to be), so you know when I say that it really is the best vacation anybody could want, I’m speaking from the heart. Just when you think Disney can’t possibly make it better, they find a way.

They even improve the details where they can. For example, every night your stateroom host will turn down your bed and leave a piece of chocolate for you. Nice, right? But this time, I noticed the stateroom host was leaving Ghiradelli chocolate each night. The chocolate I had on previous voyages was a generic brand and it was just fine, but they went and improved it anyway.

Since Disney seems to be friendly with Ghiradelli, I’d like to suggest another area they can bring Ghiradelli into the “mix”: hot chocolate.

I would not have noticed what kind of hot chocolate Disney serves except my husband happens to be among the rare few who does not drink coffee.  So if he’s looking for a warm beverage to start his day with, he will occasionally turn to hot chocolate. It’s a rare indulgence for him, whereas I feel that my daily coffee should just be hooked up to an IV drip for me.

When we happen to have a stateroom with a balcony, we like to sometimes order room service coffee to arrive very early in the morning so that we can drink our beverages while watching the sun rise. The coffee service for me is quite perfect, but the hot chocolate service for my husband is a little bit “meh”:



If you order room service hot cocoa, DCL brings you packets of Nestle and a carafe of hot water.

I know this is going to sound like #firstworldproblems for a moment. Nestle hot cocoa is … well, it’s not terrible, but it just doesn’t really measure up to the first class experience we have during other parts of the voyage.

My expectation would be that DCL be able to prepare hot chocolate made with real milk, or maybe one of those hot chocolate machines you would see at a convenience store that can make a pre-mixed cocoa. Even if DCL must continue to provide packets of hot cocoa and hot water, then why not provide the Ghiradelli brand? They have a decent hot cocoa mix.

So today’s idea definitely doesn’t generate any revenue for the Mouse. Sorry about that, Disney. But I do think it will provide an enhanced guest experience for future cruisers who love hot chocolate. My husband would certainly thank you.



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