Star Wars Midship Detective Agency

If you have been aboard the Disney Dream or the Disney Fantasy, you may be familiar with the Midship Detective Agency. For those who haven’t sailed with Disney, MDA is a fun, interactive mystery-solving game that sends you racing around the ship looking for clues within Disney’s “enchanted” artwork. I understand there is a similar experience called “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” at Disney Parks, but I have yet to play. Something to do on my next jaunt over to Orlando.

For those unfamiliar with MDA, this video from YouTube shows an example of one stop you might make while trying to solve “The Case of the Plundered Paintings”:

There are two additional mysteries to choose from – “The Case of the Missing Puppies” featuring 101 Dalmatians and “The Case of the Stolen Show” featuring the Muppets. For each mystery, there are multiple possible endings, so you can play more than once and get a different experience each time!

But since I first sailed with Disney in 2012, they haven’t changed the mysteries at all. So I think it’s about time they added a new case – featuring the Star Wars droids. It would certainly fit in with the recent introduction of “Star Wars Day at Sea,” and would give rabid fans like me extra incentive to book a Disney Cruise.

Need somebody to write the case story, Disney? Give me a holler.


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