Disney Princess WannaBe

Found on the Disney Cruise ships and at the Parks, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique salon will transform your cherub into a fairy-tale princess or dashing young knight for a not-so-small fee. But think of the photos!

I have two complaints with the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (henceforth referred to as “BBB” to avoid having to spell-check each time I write it out):

  1. It’s for kids only (except on Pirate Night on DCL, adults can be transformed into scurvy buccaneers)
  2. I see one princess conspicuously absent from their menu


Who doesn’t want Leia buns?

Maybe the Leia-look doesn’t need to be added to every BBB menu, but it would certainly enhance one’s experience for Star Wars Day at Sea aboard the Disney Fantasy.

Not that Star Wars Day at Sea needs much enhancing, mind you. I wish every day of my life could be Star Wars Day at Sea. (Want to know what goes on? Read this account on Nerdist.com).

So many unique hairstyles came out of the Star Wars franchise.



And that’s just Leia… Padme and Rey should be added to the BBB menu too!

Disney would really make one feel as though they have jumped to hyperspace if they could do these hairstyles for people of all ages. I imagine they would have to keep hair extensions of every possible hair color available, though.

I think BBB is pretty popular as it stands today, so Disney would have to staff up to add this offering. Or price it appropriately – I’m sure demand would be very high for this service.



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