Star Wars Camp

If you hadn’t noticed, I kind of love Star Wars.


Who doesn’t, really?

I’ve got Star Wars on the brain when I visit Disney Springs. I loved Star Wars Day at Sea aboard Disney Cruise Line. I want to put myself in one of the movies.

So I get totally jazzed when I think of the possibility of a fully immersive Star Wars experience at either Disney World or Disneyland.

My vision for this would be like a weekend “camp” for Star Wars fans of all ages, inclusive of experiential learning, arts and crafts, and outdoor activities.

Your full camp experience would depend on whether you choose the “Light Side” or the “Dark Side,” but everyone would walk out with the following knowledge:

  • how to have a (safe) lightsaber battle,
  • how to make a costume of your choice (Stormtrooper? Jedi? Sith Lord?); and
  • how to keep your enthusiasm alive after leaving your Disney camp. (There are two charitable groups I’m thinking of specifically that would benefit from recruiting attendees at such a camp – the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion).

Attendees would, of course, stay at Disney resort hotels for the weekend and bring their entire families. Disney could generate additional revenue (besides the camp fee itself) from dining, park tickets, and merchandise sales.

And if Disney needs a master marketer to plan and “sell” this Star Wars Camp to the world, I know someone who is available. (It’s me.)


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