Disney Cruise Line Photopass

Why isn’t Disney Cruise Line using Photopass?

Photopass is Disney’s digital photo service that allows you to preview and purchase photos right from your “My Disney Experience” account. If you are using one of the Disney Parks apps I’ve spoken so fondly about, your “My Disney Experience” account is linked right to the app, and you can see all of your photos from attractions you’ve ridden or from Disney photographers. The photos are available for 45 days (60 if you purchase an extension) after your visit. If you are a Premier Passport, Platinum Plus, Platinum, or Gold Passholder, you get to keep all of your digital photos for no additional cost.

Disney Cruise Line uses a different photo system, however. There are plenty of photo opps on board the ship, and you can stop by Shutters photo service on Deck 4 to preview your images – your actual hard copy images.

I would have to conduct some additional marketing research, but I’m inclined to believe that seeing a hard copy print would not encourage someone to purchase a photo more so than a digital version of it. I’d also like to know how many of these photos get thrown away after the voyage.

Here’s my take – the photos are so expensive that I’ve only ever purchased one photo from the four voyages I’ve done (this photo was extra special to me because it was during my honeymoon).


Here it is. The only photo I’ve ever purchased from DCL.

But I can’t use my own experience to judge – I don’t think I’m Disney’s target market for DCL photos. I’m not that photogenic and I’ve got no children.

Even so, in my very sad days following each voyage, I often wish I could take a second look at some of the photos that were taken. Sure, I’ve got my own digital photos on my iPhone, but the professionals do have a way of capturing certain moments I missed. If these photos were part of Photopass and I could view them online via my “My Disney Experience” account, I might just feel nostalgic enough to pay for a few photos.

But – since they aren’t – no photo sale is made. By adding DCL photos to Photopass, Disney could help the environment by printing less AND helping their bottom line with more photo sales.


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