Disney Co-Space

Welp. Disney hasn’t hired me yet, which got me thinking about how the rest of my life might look if I wasn’t working for the Mouse. And that just makes me sad.



This is me NOT working for Disney.


The next best thing to working for Disney, in my opinion, would be working at Disney. What if Disney provided shared office space for entrepreneurs and telecommuters? These shared office spaces (also known as co-working arrangements) are popping up as a popular option for freelancers and other independent workers. Instead of working at home, with all of the distractions it entails, shared office spaces allow individuals to connect with people from different industries.

I see a shared office arrangement at Disney Parks being very appealing to those working in creative industries. How could you not be inspired commuting to work alongside “Imagineers”? I know my productivity would soar, as I’d work late just for the chance to catch some fireworks before heading home.

I checked out Regus, a current brand leader providing co-working spaces, and see that prices for a workspace in Orlando range from $7-$10 per day (based on a two-year agreement). I’m thinking Disney could charge about $15 per day, with prices rising if an individual wants to sign a shorter contract.

Take me, for example. I would only want to sign a short-term contract because I have no doubt that I will eventually be working for Disney and won’t need a co-space after that.


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