Women’s Conference

I was inspired to see the internet come out in full support of International Women’s Day today. Some of my most frequent stops on the web – Google, Facebook, and Twitter – participated in IWD, which encouraged me to think about all of the ways in which Disney can help women across the world.

runDisney already celebrates women with two female-friendly races: the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Disney World and the Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland. These two races are on my bucket list, for sure.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if Disney offered a weekend that empowers women that are looking to do more than run a few races? I propose that Disney should take it a step further and offer a Women’s Summit Weekend. Just like other conference ideas I’ve shared, Disney could not only generate revenue from conference fees, but also from hotel room bookings, meal plan sales, and park ticket sales that would typically come with a long weekend at either of the Disney Parks.

The list is pretty much endless when it comes to what Disney can offer in terms of workshops for women. Obviously, we’re all different in what we’d like to achieve in our lives, much like the Disney characters we all know and love. In fact, Disney could create different “tracks” – or recommended workshops to attend – based on which Disney character the attendee identifies with most. For example, if an attendee wants to be a super-Mom, perhaps she’d choose workshops associated with the “Elastigirl” track.



If she wants to kick ass and take names in her career, perhaps she’d choose workshops from the “Mulan” track.

Either way, there’d be a wide variety of speakers we could hear from that could empower us with tips and tricks to succeed in our daily lives. To name a few off the top of my head:

  • The Disney Parks Mom’s Panel could speak about planning family vacations
  • Someone from Disney’s Credit Union – Partners – could impart important financial advice (like retirement planning for women – a topic near and dear to my heart)
  • A therapist from Senses Spa could share tips for reducing stress
  • Lisa Borotkanics, Disney’s Holiday Services Manager, could teach us all how to bring a little magic to our holiday decorating

And surely, with Disney’s commitment to advancing women leaders (which you can read about here), there would be no shortage of Disney female executives to act as keynote speakers. The possibilities are endless here, meaning that Disney could really host an annual conference without too much redundancy, thus encouraging repeat attendance from year to year.

Leave a comment and let me know what you’d expect to hear about at a Disney Women’s Summit.




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