Career Fair

I have been applying for jobs I’m qualified for on Disney’s career website for over a month now, and no nibbles yet. I felt disappointed earlier this week about it, which lead me to think about ways I could work AT Disney if not FOR Disney. But I still would much rather be a Disney employee. As I mentioned in this post, I did not do the Disney College Program in my formative years, and therefore am at a bit of a disadvantage getting in the door now.

In that same post, I discussed how I understand Disney’s desire to hire “proven” talent, and had suggested that they offer volunteer externships to vet potential external candidates for roles. But since externships currently do not exist, I have decided I need to up my game a bit. I have been digging into my network – the two alumni associations I belong to (Penn State, CSUSB), contacts I’ve made volunteering, and friends of friends – to find current Disney employees who may be able to help me get in the door.

At this point, I anticipate that Starbucks may offer me a full-time job given the number of cups of coffee I’ve purchased for my contacts. And yes, if you – my dear reader – happen to be a current Disney employee who’d like to meet with me, critique my resume, and share some advice, I will happily buy you coffee too.


I do enjoy meeting with individuals one-on-one, but I wish there was an easier way for me to meet as many potential Disney employers as possible in a day. For example, couldn’t Disney do a “mini-vetting” of candidates by holding an annual on-site career fair?

I understand career fairs tend to be cattle calls where most hiring managers probably will remember only one or two people they talk with throughout the day. And I *know* I could be one of those stand-out candidates. (/bragging) But what I’d appreciate the most about having the opportunity to meet with multiple hiring managers is that I could narrow down the focus of my job search. Right now, I know I could fit in anywhere with Disney and do a fantastic job for them. But I’m afraid to apply to every single job (well, the ones I’m qualified for, anyway) that is currently posted on the website for fear of seeming “unfocused.” So I might be missing out on something that would end up being the perfect fit for me because I only have the job description to base my decision on right now.

But this idea is only 50% about ME. By holding a career fair, Disney stands to gain the following:

  • The chance to meet quality external candidates for jobs in a face-to-face setting before bringing them to an in-person interview
  • Eliminating costs associated with bringing in external candidates, as the cost of attending a career fair would reside with the applicant
  • Reducing the burden on Human Resources to sift through mountains of resumes that come in through the career website
  • Expediting the hiring and onboarding of employees into open roles

Disney has offered online job fairs to fill seasonal roles in the past. I’m not entirely sure how an online job fair works, but I wouldn’t be opposed if they did something similar for full-time roles, perhaps using Skype or Facetime in order to allow us to connect names with faces. This would be a lower cost alternative to the full-blown career fair that I’m proposing and could be equally effective.


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