Social Media Panache

Oh man. Invitation of the century came to my email box this morning:

Social Media Conference

Coincidentally, I’ve been writing a lot lately about ideas for different conferences Disney could sponsor. The Ragan Social Media Conference isn’t Disney-sponsored, but it still piques my interest because:

  • It’s a conference AT Disney World
  • The topic is quite relevant to the work I do in my day job
  • There will be Disney marketers I can rub elbows with

So now I’ve got social media on the brain. And I realize I’ve been using social media for my “Hire Me, Disney” blog posts all wrong. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have seen that I’ve been tweeting my posts directly to the different branches of the Walt Disney Company that are most relevant to the idea of the day that I’ve posted on this blog.

Mistake. The lessons I learned from Andrew Davis – a social media expert who spoke at my company in 2013 – are all coming back to me now. (Andrew, by the way, is the Keynote Speaker at the Ragan Social Media Conference. Kismet.)

You see, @WaltDisneyCo, @DisneyParks, and @Disney are not PEOPLE. Sure, they are Twitter accounts managed BY people, but Disney uses these accounts for mostly one-way marketing messages, not two-way conversations. The Disney social media properties have tons of followers, but are they making personal connections? Nah. They haven’t responded to a single tweet I’ve mentioned them in since I started this blog.

What I should be doing is finding the PEOPLE who work for Disney and making personal connections with them. Instead of tweeting my conference ideas to @WaltDisneyCo, I should find someone who works for Disney Meetings and share my idea directly with him or her. Instead of tweeting @DisneyCruiseLine with a suggestion for upgrading the DCL App, I should find a developer for DCL to connect with. What a concept, eh?

Ok, so I admit I’ve been going about getting some attention the wrong way. But I will also point out that Disney may learn something from Andrew Davis at the Ragan Conference, too. Disney is really the gold standard when it comes to customer service. So… why haven’t the individuals in charge of the Disney social media properties responded to my mentions on Twitter?

A “Like” would really make my day.

Even more magical: Let’s say Disney Cruise Line responded back  with “Hey Nicole, great idea, I’m connecting you with @{insert Twitter handle of DCL Developer here} to see if they can enhance the app with your suggestion.”

That would be really cool, right? And it would help Disney’s reputation of creating magical experiences shine even more across social media.

Anyway, I’ll be spending the weekend trying to figure out how I can scrap together the registration fee to attend the Ragan Conference while looking to connect with actual people who work for Disney on social media.


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