Treasure Planet Weekend

I was invited to attend the Renaissance Faire in Tampa this weekend. I happen to know the guy who plays the Executioner. Good to know people in high places. Anyway, the theme of this weekend’s Faire was “Time Traveler’s Invasion” which brought a different element of geekery to the festival. In addition to the usual 16th-century peasants, pirates, and nobility costumes one would normally see at the Faire, I found lots of Doctors (from Dr. Who), Marty McFlys (from Back to the Future), and Steampunk characters.

What is Steampunk, you ask? It’s a sub-genre of science fiction that brings Victorian elements to futuristic settings. Pretend the digital revolution occurred – only using steam power instead of electricity. Steampunk characters wear lots of goggles, gears, timepieces, and leather boots.

Need a visual? This movie would have fit into the Steampunk genre:


I saw a Steampunk Snow White at the Faire this weekend. I didn’t get a photo, so you’ll have to use your imagination – she was wearing a red and blue peasant’s blouse with a yellow lightweight, billowy dress (Snow White’s signature colors). She accessorized with leather belts, a tiny bluebird on her shoulder, and red goggles atop her head. I’m not certain what the connection to time traveling was, but this girl definitely brought Disneybounding to a new, very awesome level – I’ve never seen Snow White look so cool!

I heard from my friend the Executioner that this was the most popular weekend yet of the month-long Renaissance Faire. This inspired me to think about how Disney could leverage this knowledge to bring in more revenue during “off-peak” seasons at Disney Parks: why not have their own Steampunk honoring Treasure Planet? Disney fans could really show off their creativity during this Steampunk cosplay weekend at the parks. Sidenote: I’ve seen some really great photos of unique costumes that people break out for the D23 conference (I have not attended D23 yet, but it’s on my bucket list), so I know we’d see some fantastic creativity. The usual costuming rules would apply:

  1. No masks per security.
  2. No “standard” Princess costumes. We don’t want to confuse the kids when it comes to who is the real Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, etc.
  3. Keep it family friendly.

Not only could Disney generate revenue from ticket sales during off-peak seasons, they could also increase merchandise sales for cosplayers in need of additional accessories. Pins, belts, hats (thinking specifically of Chapel Hats at Disney Springs – they have a selection of top hats that are perfect for Steampunk dress-up).

I need to start getting my costume ready for this. I think I’d make a great Steampunk Belle.


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