Disney Parks Scavenger Hunt

I’m having Disney World withdrawal. My husband and I pop into one of the Parks at least once each month, but it has been a bit of a hectic start to 2017 and we haven’t kept up with our scheduled Disney visits. We’ve been doing Disney-ish things, don’t get me wrong:  Ben and I went to Disney Springs to watch La Nouba for Valentine’s Day in February and we were on the Disney Cruise in January. But I think we’re overdue for a trip to the Parks, and plan on heading to Epcot this weekend for the Disney International Flower & Garden Festival.

I do anticipate crowds, as we’re in the midst of Spring Break season. But that’s ok – we’re both very patient people. We’ve even invented our own game to play while waiting in line for rides. We haven’t come up with a creative name for it yet, but it’s a scavenger hunt of sorts. And, no, it isn’t finding hidden Mickeys.


Mickey is three circles, people. You can find hidden Mickeys everywhere.


Here’s how our game currently works: While in the car on the way to the Parks, one of us will pick the first “target” to find – say,“child wearing Yoda t-shirt” or “sad person who just dropped delicious treat on ground.”

The first person to find the target wins a point and gets to select the next target. Whoever has the most points at the end of the day wins. There’s no real prize involved, other than keeping us occupied while we wait for whatever attraction we’re standing in line for.

We thought about bringing our game public a few months ago. (We didn’t for a very good reason that I’ll share in a moment). Here were the rules of:

  1. One week prior to our planned Disney Parks attendance, we would post on Facebook a request to our friends to help us identify targets to find for our next scavenger hunt.
  2. Ben and I would then compete to find each target our friends posted. The first person to find a target on the list would post a photo of the find.
  3. If Ben or I found your particular target and posted a photo of it, then you would be entered in a contest to win that day’s “Best Find.” That would encourage our friends to come up with really creative things to find that were still realistic. (While seeing Tim Allen wearing a Buzz Lightyear t-shirt would be super awesome to find, it is highly unlikely we’d see that on any given day at Disney World. We want the game to be playable, mind you). If we did not find your item, you would not be eligible to win that day’s “Best Find.”
  4. All friends would be encouraged to “Like” their favorite target photo on Facebook. The person who submitted the target that got the most likes would win “Best Find.” We’d then send that person a goodie from Disney World on a subsequent trip to Disney.

Fun, right? It would be a way to get our friends who are also Disney fans – but live outside of Florida – to participate in a Disney-ish experience.

Only there’s one small problem: Not everybody likes their photo taken, and a lot of people are particularly sensitive towards having photos of their children taken by random strangers. So we didn’t go live with the game out of respect and understanding that some people just don’t want to show up in our Facebook feed.

However, if there was a Disney-sanctioned and monitored version of this game, that might be a different story. Maybe Disney could hand out a wearable visual cue – say stickers, buttons, or wristbands – to those who are willing to play the game and don’t mind having their photo taken. I know I’d feel just a little less sad if I dropped some ice cream knowing that someone may just be winning their scavenger hunt that day.

I know the idea needs some refinement. I’ll give it some more thought. Gamers out there, what do you think? Would you be a willing participant in a Disney photo scavenger hunt?


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