Green Thumb

It’s timely that I’m planning on attending Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival this weekend. It may not feel like it today in Florida, but Spring is coming, and I’ve got plants on the brain.

My husband and I moved into a newly-built house last year. We were given a pretty basic landscaping package with the home – a few trees, some shrubs, a bit of grass. It makes the house pretty enough to fit in with the rest of the neighborhood, but we’re ready to upgrade. I want my backyard to feel like my little oasis in the middle of an otherwise busy city.

I don’t have a green thumb, however. I know my strengths, and landscape design isn’t one of them. So about a month ago, my husband and I asked around our neighborhood for reputable local landscapers, and one name kept popping up. Let’s call him “Jim 1.”

We invited Jim 1 out to our house and instantaneously received good vibes from him. He walked around our small property with us, throwing out design ideas, sharing tips on which plants to keep and which ones would breed mosquitos, and even giving us suggestions for gutter installers. (Gutter installation is another project we have on our list of to-dos). Within a week, he drew up a plan and came back out to our house to discuss it with us. We suggested a few weeks to Jim 1’s design, and Jim 1 shared he’d get back to us with a quote.

And then… we never heard from him again. My husband sent a few emails, left a few voicemails, and even sent a carrier pigeon. After two weeks passed with no word back from Jim 1, we assumed he didn’t want our business and moved on to the next recommended landscaper on our list. We’ll call him “Jim 2.”

Jim 2 proceeded in much the same way as Jim 1. He came out to our property and took a few notes. We even gave him Jim 1’s design plan as a starting point. And, just like Jim 1, we haven’t heard from Jim 2 in over a week.

I’m starting to think it’s not the Jims… something must be wrong with us.

In any case, I was reminded that I attended the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival at this time last year knowing that I would be doing my own gardening project at some point, and took lots of photos of things I liked at the festival. Like this one:


A small deck, a rock garden, and a few potted plants… beautiful, right?

I wish I could just hire someone from Epcot to come out and do this for me.

Enter today’s idea for Disney: start a chain of landscaping businesses! The Parks are so beautifully maintained, and not just during the Garden festival. Couldn’t Disney send their top landscape designers to train people across the country to install Disney-quality gardens for customers? Maybe even sell a few Mickey Mouse topiaries?

This business idea would go hand-in-hand with my Disney Home Decorators idea. Clients who want their homes to feel like Disney World on the inside surely want the same for the outside.

Disney pricing, of course, would apply, so you know it wouldn’t be cheap. I might be biased at this point, but I’d happily pay a surcharge knowing that someone was actually going to do the work – and do it well!



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