Disney Book Club

Not to be confused with the Disney Reading Club (but certainly inspired by it), the Disney Book Club is for older readers that are looking for a book discussion group with a magical twist. I envision that Disney Reading Club members would eventually become avid Disney Book Club leaders once they hit adulthood.

A Disney Book Club could provide a social outlet for Disneyphiles to find each other in their local communities, meet for coffee/tea/beverage of choice, and engage in intellectually stimulating conversation over whatever book was the required reading for that month. Wouldn’t it be cool to sit around a table and share how Marty Sklar inspired us to bring creativity into our own daily lives?

Not much is needed to get started:

  1. A website similar to “Meetup” that allows leaders to form their own local chapter of the book club, advertise events and meetings, and recruit members.
  2. A reading list. Disney has a book publishing unit, so they could easily put out a recommended reading list to group leaders.
  3. A list of discussion questions for each book that is on the aforementioned list. This would help leaders provide structure to their monthly meetings.
  4. And some rules. We always want to keep WWWD (What Would Walt Do?) in mind. I’d look to Disney for guidance here, as I’m not privy to all of the rules. (yet… I’m still working here on landing employment with the Mouse. Maybe they’d like me to project manage this idea?)

I have not heard of a book club charging for membership so I would not recommend Disney make this a fee-based service. However, it would be great free advertising for Disney when a new book is published, and sales of existing books could see an uptick.


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